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COVID-19 Surveillance Test Kit

Stop the spread of the Coronavirus with routine COVID-19 testing in classrooms, work teams, and other populations. Simple, pooled, saliva-based test detects infection within 2 hours. 100 tests/kit.

  • Stop the spread of Coronavirus with a simple, pooled, saliva-based test. Routinely test large groups such as classrooms, work teams, and other populations and detect infection within two hours.
  • Rapid Results. Go from sample to result in less than two hours.
  • Gold Standard Accuracy. CDC-recommended, RT-qPCR detection technology delivers precise results.
  • Pain-Free Saliva Collection. Minimally invasive sample collection can be performed with no specialized training or materials.
  • Easy-to-Use Workflow. Simple steps with software that walks the user through the testing process.

Cat#: T5402S


The COVID-19 Surveillance Test Kit enables rapid detection of COVID-19 in groups of people who interact regularly with one another. Results are used to inform health management actions.

If no virus is detected, daily school or workplace activities can be continued with care. Testing is an additional safety measure that provides peace-of-mind to students, parents, and employees.

If a virus is detected, take targeted action to stop the spread. Depending on the groups tested, results can be used to inform strategic individual classroom/departmental closures.

In the case of positive results, protect personnel by:

  • Referring people for diagnostic testing
  • Discontinuing group interactions
  • Decontaminating classrooms or workspaces
Pooled Testing

Surveillance testing detects COVID-19 at the population level. The test kit incorporates a pooling step, to prevent obtaining a patient-specific result, which allows use outside of CLIA labs and healthcare settings.

Compared to individual diagnostic testing, sample pooling conserves resources and can increase testing capacity by 2 – 5-fold.

Accuracy Ensured

The Gold Standard of COVID Detection

The surveillance solution uses RT-qPCR, the detection method recommended by the CDC due to its high sensitivity and specificity. This approach makes exponential copies of the virus’s exact genetic material, allowing detection of even the smallest viral quantities.

In contrast, rapid antigen tests look for proteins on the virus’s surface and require thousands to tens of thousands of viral particles to detect an infection.

Our test kit enables detection of an active infection with as little as 5.8 viral particles per microliter, which means you can discover COVID earlier.

Highly Controlled Reactions

A comprehensive control system ensures reaction performance and reliable results. The positive control verifies that the RT-qPCR reaction was set-up correctly, while the No Template Control confirms that the reaction is contamination-free. The endogenous control ensures that extraction and RT-qPCR was completed successfully, reducing the risk of false negatives. All controls and test kits are fully validated to the same standards as those used in diagnostic testing.

Reduce False Positives

The UNG carry-over prevention system minimizes false positives by reducing carryover contamination. The PCR mixture is treated with Uracil-DNA Glycosylase (UNG) which degrades leftover amplicons from previous runs before the next run begins.