Sahara Multiplex qPCR Master Mix - Gateway Biosciences

Sahara Multiplex qPCR Master Mix

Multiplex up to 4 targets with high efficiency and consistent Cq’s. Exceptionally thermal stable mix resists inhibition, even in environmental samples. For multiplex probe-based qPCR.

  • Multiplex up to four Real-Time PCR reactions with no effect on Cq’s
  • Extreme thermal stability: withstands three months at 25 ºC with no impact on efficiency
  • Overcomes inhibition in crude extracts and environmental samples
  • Universal mix runs fast protocols, amplifies GC-rich targets, and incorporates aptamer-based hot start and dUTP carry-over prevention systems
  • License-free for commercial or diagnostic use
  • Cat#: R02210M-SE – 5 x 1 mL
  • Cat#: R02212S-SE – 2 x 1 mL
  • Cat#: R02212L-SE – 2 x 5 mL
  • Cat#: R02212XL-SE – 10 x 5 mL
  • Cat#: R02212B-SE – 10 x 5 mL
  • Cat#: R02212XL-SE – 5 x 50 mL


Sahara Multiplex qPCR Master Mix is a 2X Taq mix for probe-based Real-Time PCR. It quantitatively amplifies singleplex and multiplex (up to 4-plex) qPCR targets at high efficiency from purified samples and crude extracts.

The Most Stable Master Mix on the Planet

Stable at 50 ºC for 8 days, or 25 ºC for 3 months, Sahara mixes ship economically at ambient temperatures, prevent Cq drift over time due to thermal degradation, and are ideal for high throughput or field applications where temperature control is not always ideal.

Amplifies Everything Without Inhibition

Sahara Multiplex qPCR Master Mix has been validated against genomic, plasmid, and cDNA targets from a wide range of organisms. The mix supports both standard and fast protocols, and amplifies GC-rich targets up to 70%.

Numerous enhancers bind & inactivate PCR inhibitors, allowing amplification from crude extracts of:

  • Blood
  • Food & beverages
  • Plant & animal tissue
  • Environmental air & water samples
Multiplex with Confidence

Multiplex qPCR often suffers from competitive inhibition, where a high copy number target amplifies early, consuming reactants that prevent lower copy number targets from amplifying. With high levels of Taq, dNTPs, and multiplexing enhancers, Sahara Multiplex has been demonstrated to amplify four multiplex targets simultaneously, with no change in Cq when compared with singleplex reactions.

Simplify your PCR

Set up reactions with ease at room temperature: an aptamer-based hotstart system prevents amplification from occurring below 50 ºC, while a blue non-interfering loading dye helps avoid pipetting errors. When activated by the addition of UNG, a dUTP carry-over prevention system prevents false positives from amplicon contamination.