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Our mission is to deliver cutting-edge solutions to empower scientists around the globe to make groundbreaking scientific discoveries and utilize scientific applications to improve health and well-being.

We make adopting innovative solutions simpler by:

Bringing unique and cutting-edge solutions to your lab from innovative suppliers around the world

Transparent pricing policies and global business standards delivered at a local level.

Supporting your applications with proper training and technical expertise

Let us deliver innovative solutions for your science needs.

Our team has extensive experience and expertise in serving your scientific needs. They are all highly qualified and are passionate about providing the best solutions for your applications.

Featured Applications

DNA or RNA Detection by qPCR chart
DNA or RNA Detection by qPCR

Detect, identify, and quantify DNA or RNA for genotyping, organism identification, gene expression, and many molecular biology applications using RT-qPCR (real-time quantitative PCR).

COVID-19 virus Floating Outside
COVID-19 Surveillance Testing

COVID surveillance testing at the population level to help make public health decisions using RT-qPCR.

Vaccine vial with needle
Vaccine Development & Bioprocessing

Safe, rapid, and effective vaccine development and bioprocessing using advanced multiplex analytical immunoassays.

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