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Restorative Therapies

Restorative Therapies

iFES Systems (integrated Functional Electrical Stimulation) for Rehabilitation in Clinic and Home

Restorative Therapies offers industry-leading iFES systems for people with neurological impairments across the full continuum of care. Our iFES systems are physician-prescribed, FDA Class II medical devices and have been cleared by the United States FDA to:
• Reduce muscle atrophy
• Reduce muscle spasms
• Improve local circulation
• Maintain or increase range of motion
• Facilitate muscle re-education

RT300 Leg Arm Core
RT300 for Neurological Rehabilitation: Leg, Arm, and Core

The RT300 product line incorporates functional electrical stimulation (FES) integrated with task specific or motor assistance/resistance activities to optimize therapeutic goals. Our proprietary software provides real-time biofeedback and data tracking.

RT300 Pediatric
RT300 Pediatric: Leg, Core

RT300 pediatric models are designed for children between four and twelve years old. Our iFES system for legs or arms can be used safely and effectively by children to help them achieve their full recovery potential.

Xcite2 iFES Clinical Station

Xcite2 was designed to allow clinicians to apply multi-channel FES easily and efficiently with task-specific activities commonly completed in therapy. With a wide variety of pre-programmed activities – from ADLs and hand strengthening to postural re-training and upper/lower mobility skills – nearly any individual with neurological weakness or paralysis will benefit from using Xcite2.