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Library Prep for Long Read NGS

Long-read sequencing, also known as third generation sequencing, produces much longer reads than the short-read (second generation) sequencing. Long-read NGS library preparation kits are suitable for de novo genome sequencing, metagenomics sequencing, structural variant sequencing, and whole genome phasing applications. The Transposase Enzyme Linked Long-read Sequencing (TELL-Seq™) technology is a simple, universal, and scalable NGS library preparation methodology that generates barcode linked-reads for genome scale sequencing applications. The whole procedure can be carried out in a PCR tube without the need for expensive instrumentation. The TELL-Seq™ Whole Genome Sequencing (WGS) Library Prep Kit will generate an Illumina sequencing library in just 3 hours. The protocol can be easily adjusted based on the genome size to be analyzed. TELL-Seq will be the new standard library method for WGS.


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TELL-Seq™ WGS Library Prep KitTELL-Seq™ WGS Library Prep Kit