VaxArray Coronavirus Spike Protein Kit v1.0 - Gateway Biosciences

VaxArray Coronavirus Spike Protein Kit v1.0

Accelerate coronavirus vaccine development by utilizing VaxArray’s rapid analytical platform to empower vaccine clinical efficacy studies, investigate population-level seroprevalence, or provide insight into vaccine manufacturing steps. Spike Protein assay kits used for detection of SARS‐CoV‐2 spike antigens.

Each slide contains the CR3022 antibody and immobilized ACE2. Each slide has 16 wells for analysis. Quantity 1 of detection label is needed for 2 slides.


2 Slides


Coronavirus Spike Protien Assay

  • 3 hours from samples to result. 30 minutes hands on time
  • Analysis of vaccine binding to ACE2 protein
  • Lower limit of detection is <15 ng/mL
  • Compatible with recombinant, subunit, VLP, and other advanced vaccine technologies
  • Quantify antigen directly
  • Optimize manufacturing process steps
  • Control vaccine quality in release testing
  • Evaluate stability and ACE2 binding of vaccine
  • Charecterize vaccine samples
  • Monitor vaccine shelf life