VaxArray Influenza Seasonal NA Multivalent Assay Kit v1.1 - Gateway Biosciences

VaxArray Influenza Seasonal NA Multivalent Assay Kit v1.1

Assay kits for detection and quantification of neuraminidase from seasonal influenza strains. Each slide contains two antibodies for A/N1 subtype neuraminidase, two antibodies for A/N2 subtype neuraminidase, and two antibodies for neuraminidase from Influenza B. Each slide has 16 wells for analysis. Quantity 1 of detection label is needed for multivalent kits.


2 slides

Cat#: VXI‐7301

Subtype Specific Influenza Vaccine Quantification

Hemagglutinin, neuraminidase, or nucleoprotein quantification at any manufacturing process step.

Quantitative, stability indicating measurements of vaccines can be difficult, time consuming, and inaccurate. VaxArray solves these issues by providing a rapid, multiplexed measure of influenza protein concentration using an immunoassay built into a microarray format. Specifically designed for analysis of seasonal and pandemic flu vaccines, VaxArray allows for simultaneous analysis of quadrivalent vaccine formulations even in crude, upstream matrices.

  • Fast and easy with <30 minutes hands-on time and 2 hour time to results
  • 100x more sensitive than SRID, with demonstrated equivalence for monovalent and multivalent vaccines.
  • Capture reagents are selected to be robust against antigenic drift.
  • Available year-round, even prior to reference reagents availability.
  • Subtype-specific, enabling quantification of monovalent, trivalent, or quadrivalent formulations.
  • Stability-indicating immunoassay measures biologically relevant forms of HA, NA, and NP.
  • Compatible with crude, purified, or adjuvanted samples, from any production method.
  • Hemagglutinin
  • Neuraminidase
  • Nucleoprotein
  • Custom targets
  • Streamline seed strain optimization
  • Quantify in-process antigen recovery
  • Quickly and efficiently explore process improvements
  • Track monobulk intermediate stability prior to release of reference reagents
  • Track stability of all antigen components in multivalent formulation pre & post lot release
  • Quantitatively analyze neuraminidase and nucleoprotein content of your vaccines