Sahara Hot Start PCR Master Mix - Gateway Biosciences

Sahara Hot Start PCR Master Mix

Sahara Hot Start PCR Master Mix is a high-efficiency 2X Taq mix ideal for endpoint PCR, sequencing, and cloning applications, as well as the quantitative amplification of singleplex qPCR targets using probes.

  • Cat#: R02151S-SE – 2 x 1 mL
  • Cat#: R02151L-SE – 2 x 5 mL
  • Cat#: R02151M-SE – 5 x 1 mL
  • Cat#: R02151XL – 10 x 5 mL
  • Cat#: R02151B-SE – 1 x 50 mL
  • Cat#: R02151B-SE – 5 x 50 mL

The Most Stable Master Mix on the Planet

Stable at 50 ºC for 8 days, or 25 ºC for 3 months, Sahara mixes ship economically at ambient temperatures, prevent Cq drift over time due to thermal degradation, and are ideal for high throughput or field applications where temperature control is not always ideal.

High Efficiency and Clear Gel Bands

Set up reactions with ease at room temperature: an aptamer-based hotstart system prevents amplification from occurring below 50 ºC, reducing the non-specific amplification and primer-dimers which harm efficiency and produce blurry gels.

Amplifies Everything Without Inhibition

Sahara Hot Start has been validated against genomic, plasmid, and cDNA targets from a wide range of organisms. The mix supports both standard and fast protocols, and amplifies GC-rich targets up to 70%.

Numerous enhancers bind & inactivate PCR inhibitors, allowing amplification from crude extracts of:

  • Blood
  • Food & beverages
  • Plant & animal tissue
  • Environmental air & water samples