VaxArray Measles and Rubella Blocking Buffer 1.0 - Gateway Biosciences

VaxArray Measles and Rubella Blocking Buffer 1.0

Optimized to reduce backgrounds and non‐specific binding with VaxArray. 10 mL quantity.

Same Day Quantitation of Measles and Rubella Antigens

Speed up characterization and development of your MR or MMR vaccine. Traditional methods for Measles and Rubella antigen quantitation are laborious and time consuming. The VaxArray Platform together with the Measles and Rubella kit solve that problem by providing a rapid, multiplexed measurement of conformationally intact Measles and/or Rubella proteins in as little as 5 hours.

Cat#: VXMR‐6309


2 slides

  • Conformational protein quantitation in as little as 5 hours, a >16x faster time to result compared to TCID50
  • Significant cost savings relative to laborious cell culture experiments
  • Simultaneously quantify measles and rubella antigens using virus-specific antibodies in monovalent or bivalent samples
  • No need to neutralize rubella virus to measure measles in bivalent samples
  • Compatible with crude matrices
  • Applicable to all vaccine-relevant strains
  • Lab-to-lab consistency with standardized method
  • CFR Part 11 compliance tools for VaxArray platform and the software
  • Bioprocess development optimization
  • Quantification of concentrated virus pools and monovalent bulks
  • Bioprocess monitoring